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Linda Sherwin Astrology



The stars don't compel us to do things, but the movement of the planets do inform us. There is no single meaning to any planet or gaggle of planets. The energy carries a spectrum of specific but multi-layered choices. We are not compelled to stay at the low or high end of the spectrum. We will have free will. The energy will not go away until it is time to go, but we have free will on how we use that energy.


We are free to take the advice of the angels of our better nature (as Abraham Lincoln would say) or to take the advice of the little devil on our shoulder. Odds are, there are times we've done both. We are human!

The point is the more conscious we are of what energies are influencing us, the more likely we are to make good decisions for ourselves, based on our awareness rather than simply reacting and making no conscious choice at all.

Along the way, I earned my bona fides in astrological counseling and teaching. I had a long career in nonprofit health management while studying metaphysics. I got a master's in counseling. I experimented with bodywork, feng shui, shamanism, Tarot - and reached the conclusion that you can push positive change through the body, cognitively, emotionally, through counseling, through the physical environment - the important thing was to find a language that works for you. While I love all these modalities, astrology talked to me most comprehensively. It is a magnificent tool not only in identifying the spectrum of your natal tendencies, but also WHEN certain planetary configurations would be stimulated and (equally importantly) when that stimulation might end!

You can use astrology. Whether you want a reading of your birth chart, a predictive timing reading, comparing your chart to another, a life purpose reading, or help finding the right career - astrology can help you find your way with more clarity and consciousness. I am happy to act as translator between the world of the chart and you. If you'd like to learn astrology, I teach classes and do private or semi-private mentoring sessions at a very reasonable cost.

To know more or schedule a reading, leave a message here or call me at 314-482-3017. 


 Classes and Group or Private Tutoring

Private tutoring in astrology is available for beginners or more advanced students.

$20/hour per person. 

Private Readings

An astrology reading can be helpful in looking at any area of life - love, finances, health, and more.  Astrology helps you make choices to navigate your life.   You can request a reading:

30 minutes,  $50
45 minutes, $75

60 minutes, $100

Readings can be in person or via zoom.  Your birth chart is calculated and sent to you.  Zoom sessions are recorded and sent to you.

When is a consultation helpful?

Sometimes you just want to check in and see what is coming up for months or the year ahead.  As my mentor, Steven Forrest always said "There is no aspect so good you can't mess it up or so bad that you can't make it better."  Astrology helps you be conscious about your choices - instead of veering like a pinball, running up against unconscious old patterns that send you reeling through a maze!

Times when a reading is helpful:

When life is uncertain 

When you are making decisions

You want information about love, money, career, health, etc.

You want to know if you are on the right spiritual path for you

When you wonder how you are affecting/being affected by a significant other - a spouse, parent, child, etc.

And, of course, for fun!

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