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Linda Sherwin Astrology


Why Astrology?

As the stars guided ancient sailors, so astrology, a language of the stars, helps us navigate this world.  It is so helpful to know when a period of change, transition or difficulty will begin - and most importantly, when it might end!

We get to choose whether to listen to the angels of our better nature or to make a less optimal decision.  Astrology can help you hold true to your soul’s purpose.  If you are in a time of change or turmoil; if you’d like guidance in love, career, finances or health; an astrology reading can help you.


I am an evolutionary and psychological astrologer, having studied astrology for 45 years.  I got my Master’s Degree in Counseling from Lindenwood University in 2005. My mentor and teacher is Steven Forrest, who recently founded the Forrest Center for Evolutionary Astrology.  I teach, mentor and give individual readings. I am a member of the Astrological Association of St. Louis, and served on the Board of Kepler College, the first astrologically based and accredited college in Seattle, Washington.


Astrology Readings

Natal Astrology
What Is Happening In My Chart Now? Compatibility Astrology
Soul-Purpose Astrology
30 Minutes - $65
60 Minutes - $150

Astrological Tutoring

One time or OnGoing - $20 Per Hour

Astrological Classes

(inquire as to the schedule)

Natal Astrology: Learn the Language
Transits and Progressions
Synastry and Composites: Astrology of Relationships Past Lives and Present Purpose

LeNormand Card Oracle

A Variety of Spreads Shed Light on an Issue - Very Accurate!

30 minutes, $50
One Hour, $60


Feng Shui

Feng Shui analysis of home, office, or business for luck and personal empowerment

On-site $250 (includes written report)
Consultation based on drawing
30 minutes - $50

One hour - $60

Parties and Events

Available for private groups and public events
Past events: Laumeier After Dark, Stellar Soiree at the St. Louis Planetarium, Vegan Market, Witches and Wine, The Barbie Party!

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