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Finding the Fingerprints of a Past Life On the Current Birth Chart – Part I

The Nodes represent the past life’s effect on the current lifetime. (If you don’t believe reincarnation, think DNA or early family nurturing.) The South Node represents the past residue of some emotional issue not resolved in one or more past lives. The North Node represents the theme during this lifetime, as well as the way of “curing” the dis-ease of the unresolved south node. As Astrologer Michael Lutin said, if the south node represents the bottle for a drunk, the north node represents the AA meeting.

The Nodes of the Moon stay in one sign for 18+ years, allowing “schools” of souls to travel together. If you think you recognize a fellow soul traveler, you probably do!

South Node in Aries, North Node in Libra or South Node in the First House/North Node in the 7th House. In a past incarnation, you had to put you and your survival ahead of loving, peaceful partnerships. You may have been a soldier or someone who had to fight for your survival. Your go to reaction in this life may be to regard challenges to your identity to be life or death struggles. Your mission is to learn peace and coexisting peacefully in a loving partnership, without losing your identity. You are seeking to find a balance between your needs and the needs of another.

South Node in Taurus, North Node in Scorpio or South Node in the 2nd House/North Node in the 8th House. Your “go to” mode is to find a safe space and stay there, smelling life’s roses, eating good foods. Taurus has some innate wisdom about money management, but the Scorpio north node says money is also power. Taurus like the status quo and does not move easily between emotional states. They are similarly enamored of their own opinion and will hold to it long past the expiration date. Taurus values security. Knowing the deeper realities is what Scorpio is all about. With this pattern, Taurus learns it is okay to overturn rocks and see what crawls out from under it. Scorpio is not afraid to look at life, warts and all. In fact, Scorpio expects there will be some warts. Trust Scorpio to keep looking until some are found! The mission – to not be afraid to look deeper.

South Node in Gemini, North Node in Sagittarius or South Node in the 3rd House/North Node in the 9th House. South Node in Gemini seeks to find rational reasons for events. he most Gemini of the lot tries to explain feelings in terms reason. Doesn’t work for all situations. The heart, the philosopher says, has reason whereof reason knows nothing. A lot of good intuitive, gut level wisdom can be rationalized away with South Node in Gemini. North Node in Sagittarius looks to a higher truth that encompasses the wisdom of the head and the heart. On a more mundane level, if Gemini represents elementary school, Sagittarius is higher education. If Gemini recognizes people familiar to us, like brothers and sisters and neighbors, Sagittarius recognizes the foreign “other” and sees that their ways have wisdom, too.

Gemini rules thinking and perception. It is a good reporter, but Sagittarius organizes that perception, and its natural changes, into a belief system. North Node is in Sagittarius recognizes bigger and broader horizons.

South Node in Cancer, North Node in Capricorn or South Node in 4th House/North Node in 10th House. With South Node in Cancer, some of the less well loved faces of Cancer are ready to be worked on. Pouting, moodiness, shutting oneself away from the world are ready to give way to a more public stance. Sensitive Cancers may be afraid of having their feelings hurt if they are exposed to public scrutiny. The mission of North Node in Capricorn is to put the insight and gut level psychic wisdom of the feeling Cancerian to work as a leader in the outer world. That may be as a CEO or a Prime Minister – a leader of some sort, anyway, where Cancer’s gifts get outer recognition. Cancerians are made of stronger stuff than they realize. It may help them to know their gifts are badly needed. Capricorn provides the leaven needed for too much time spent naval gazing – develop a public authority.

South Node in Leo, North Node in Aquarius or South Node in the 5th house/North Node in the 11th house. This nodal pattern is creative and spontaneous. South Node in Leo instinctively know how to be “King” – a sunny and beneficent ruler, but a ruler, nonetheless. They may be used to having their wishes deferred to — Leo may literally have been a noble or of the ruling class in a past life. There is something unsatisfying about the experience, or your soul would not have elected to work on it this lifetime. Leo may have felt you were valued more for position than for self. North Node in Aquarius demands to be valued for its own uniqueness – and is ready to be social outcast if need be. Aquarius is just as interested in what is good for the collective as in being seen as the boss or a “VIP”. Aquarius teaches Leo to be a peer and a friend, instead of an authority. Even if it costs Aquarius to expose their own, sometimes eccentric, sometimes rebellious nature, it is necessary for development of the North Node.

South Node in Virgo, North Node in Pisces or South Node in the 6th house/North Node in the 12th House. With South Node in Virgo, the devil really is in the details. Virgo has an eye for detail and discernment to tease out the fly in any ointment. Virgo just wants to make things better – often Virgo wants it more more than the object of their advice.. Virgo can get immersed in the trees so much, the sense of the forest is lost. The bigger picture gets lost in the smaller picture. Virgo loses confidence, and is always looking for a guru, a mentor or a teacher who has true credibility. They never feel good enough. North node is the essence of a bigger picture. So the theme of the lifetime is to move from the little details into the bigger picture ….an admission that one needs to let go and let god. Some things are just bigger an individual, and we don’t need the validation of knowing every single detail. Moving from the devotee, the mentee, the servant who takes pride in the dharma of chopping wood, carrying water…finding god in service, and moving to true spiritual mastery is the task of this north node.

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