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Jupiter in Scorpio - Effect On All 12 Signs

It is no accident that Jupiter moved into Scorpio on October 11, at the same time that the Weinstein scandal went public. It is no accident that once Jupiter moved into Scorpio, the Mueller investigation issued its first indictments.upiter makes everything it touches get bigger. Jupiter is also on a quest to find the truth. Scorpio describes the territory Jupiter will pursue. Scorpio terrain is often sexual, often involves power, corruption or some formerly unmentionable topic. Scorpio pursue truth in these areas with the thoroughness of a detective.

The casting couch culture and the tendency of powerful male figures to get sexual favors in return for use of their power isn't exactly unknown. It's an open secret, but society has chosen to listen this time, and act on this.

The Mueller team will be diving deep to find the truth about Russian involvement in our elections, money laundering, corruption and the misuse of power.

Tax reform is on the table. Taxes and inheritances have an affinity with Scorpio. Are these tax cuts about the middle class or will they benefit those affected by estate taxes?

I would not want to try to harbor a secret while Jupiter is in Scorpio until November 8. 2018. It is all too likely that Jupiter in Scorpio will unearth secrets. After November 8, 2018, Jupiter moves into Sagittarius. There will be an increased emphasis on ethics and right and wrong, when Jupiter moves into Sagittarius. Lawsuits will be filed.

Astrological symbols are neutral. There is a positive face and a darker face. The positive side of Jupiter represents expansion and opportuntiy. The positive side of Scorpio is to face the shadow and make needed transformations, without ego. The dark face of Jupiter is pomposity and rigidity. Scorpio's dark side is a thirst for power and paranoia. Put those two symbols together in a dark way, and it is not pretty!

Personal Implications:

Jupiter stays in a sign about one year, so it will be there until next November. It resides in any given sign once ever 12 years, roughly, so you might look back to what was happening at 12 year intervals, 2005, 1993, 1981, etc., to get an idea what sort of "theme" Jupiter in Scorpio represents to you.

Of course, what was happening in those years won't be exactly the same as now, but it can develop a theme. For instance, if you examined a relationship deeply then and found it wanting, you will look deeply and carefully at your current relationship. Does it represent your truth? If so, you may keep your partner. If not, maybe the relationship needs to transform or die. The process of examining the relationship deeply and carefully is the theme. The relationship may go on, but the examination process will happen.

Jupiter in Scorpio and Water Signs, Cancer and Pisces

All the watery signs of Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces are faced with deep, emotional, interior work. Jupiter in Scorpio is not afraid to dive deep in the search to find the truth. In fact, a Scorpio, ever the detective and psychologist, knows intuitively that life is like an iceberg. Only the tip of the iceberg may be visible, but the bulk of the iceberg is hidden from view. Scorpio wants to know what is at the bottom of the iceberg -- what is the hidden motivation, the "back story", the psychology that underlies action.

Jupiter in Scorpio and Earth Sign Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo

Earth signs share the focus of practicality. Is it usable? Earth and the water (Scorpio) are naturally compatible - what garden doesn't need water to grow? But whereas water element is open to the emotional repercussions of their deep dive, the Earth signs are not as interested in the drama of emotion alone. They want to know if it is useful in the real world. Adjusting reality to accomodate new information keeps us current and relevant, that is how it is useful. Not recognizing the new truth may be comfortable, but it is living in the past.

Jupiter in Scorpio and Fire Signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius

Jupiter in Scorpio reveals deeply hidden truths that can make the fire signs angry and uncomfortable. They are attuned to action, so Jupiter can reveal information that makes them want to correct their actions to fit the new information. Or they may simply get red in the face from frustration and wait to act until Jupiter enters Sagittarius in November, 2018. Either way, they benefit from knowing what wizard lies behind the curtain, even if they have a little trouble fully admitting and digesting the new information.

Jupiter in Scorpio and Air Signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius

The air signs love a new idea - they can think abstractly and reasonably. So new information is like a gift from the Gods for them. Watery sign Scorpio is often a naval-gazing inner focused thinker. Scorpio may uncover some facts more easily seen through intuition than reason. But their truth can be revealing. It may take some time for the air signs to assimilate knowledge that comes from the heart, not the head, but they can benefit greatly from information unearthed at this time.

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