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The Media, Climate Change and Madness - Astrologically

Power has always had an uneasy relationship with the media in our country, and the indication astrologically are that the tension will increase in the short term, at least. At the upcoming solar eclipse on July 2, the eclipse will be directly opposed to the Sun of the US Chart. Because it is a solar eclipse, the sun will be obscured; we may see people reacting emotionally or intuitively. When the lunar eclipse takes place two weeks later, this inner awareness will be taken up by the media as they "uncover" the intuitive knowledge of the country as a whole.

If you have natal planets in 6 - 16 degrees of the signs Aries. Libra, Cancer and Capricorn, you may feel the July 2 eclipses more powerfully. At the lunar eclipse, internal changes may manifest as events, particularly, if you have planets at 16 - 28 degrees in the signs Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn.

Whereas the eclipse of July 2 draws forth internal changes; the eclipse of July 16, will be seen more through the media.The territory for both eclipses will involve security v authority; women vs. men, and questions about who is the real authority.

The powers that be now are holding onto the "way things used to be" and they are holding on with white knuckled intensity to the power that they have. Power systems that were so entrenched as to be thought of as "reality" are in fact facing major changes. Whereas patriarchal, white power has dominated in the past, America is becoming more diverse and more female parity focused. In fact, in 2030, white people will be in the minority. That is as inexorable as climate change, and there will be a demand for a power shift thanks to the demographic shift. (and the climate shift will exact changes as well.)

The United States is a Cancerian country, ruled by the moon. Therefore, shifts in power are likely to affect women, home and family, real estate and the nature of security itself. Initially, I believe we will see things like the attack on Roe vs. Wade and women's contraception. This is about power, and it is the last gasp of the white patriarchal power which is feeling threatened. It is being threatened - and there is no going back.

Old power structure and old paradigms that used to work reliably, are being broken down. They aren't functional now. But the pull to the past is strong for those who found power there. Society is being transformed, and new paradigms will emerge that DO work. But will they be ones we like?

That, my friends, is not foreordained. It is a choice we all have to make. The stars do not compel; they inform us.

An important event is shaping up for 2020 - 2024 in America's house of values. It affects money, but more importantly, values. There will be a long, slow battle for America's soul - who will be as a nation? What do we value? Freedom or authoritarianism? Middle class or oligarchs?

To ramp things up further, the transformational (live or die) energy is returning to the same place it occupied during the American revolt against King George. So, some of the themes that resonated then are going to be heard again - No taxation without representation! Give me liberty or give me death! Will individual freedoms be as important as a king's right to rule?

Remember I said money and commerce would be affected? Things like cryptocurrency and artificial intelligence are going to transform money and currency. There is a lot of optimism about the economy, but hate to tell you, it looks like false optimism in the stars. Things may cost more, and climate change could put food supply at risk. And the global economy is being seriously messed with during this trade war. People in the White House seem to do a good job at destabilizing the economy, but rather naive about stabilizing the economy. And there is little interest, it seems, in doing anything beyond what is personally good for the President and the Cabinet.

In the beginning of this long post, I mentioned the media. Their critical, digging eye, must be used to look beyond immediate spin and uncover truth, if anyone is intelligent or informed enough to receive it. And there are. But they are going to be attacked, so it is important to support a free press, even if coverage has not been perfect.

One last thing - once the generation dies off that saw World War II, EVERYONE ON ERTH will share an aspect, Neptune sextile Pluto. This is unusual, and implies something that will affect everyone on earth. I believe that something involves the habitability of our planet. Neptune heralds a redirection of efforts into a wise, more spiritually aware compassion. Neptune knocks down walls and says, like the song "We are the world." Pluto is about transformation. A nice reading would be that the world eliminates barriers to oneness and redirects man to his spiritual roots - and the world is transformed. But the flip side of that is transformation through loss or transformation through addiction (daydreaming, virtual reality, drugs or alcohol)mor worse, a desire for personal power that leads to megalomania and delusion enabling it. Ever hear the line that religion is the opiate of the people?

Being that we are a bunch of humans, the truth of the Neptune/Pluto sextile will be mixed - some good, some bad. Te stars inform, they do not compel. We get to decide who we will be and how our planet will fare.

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