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Notes for Monday, July 8

Mercury has changed direction and appears from earth to go backward over places it has already been. Mercury will be in retrograde motion until August 1. People who know nothing otherwise about astrology get a little stressed about Mercury retrograde. Think about it like this, this is a very productive period to do the three r’s: revise, review, re-edit. Take it easy. Mercury retrograde is known for mis-communication, mis-scheduling and mis-placing, and rightly so. Examine a little deeper. You mislaid your keys, forcing you to cancel your meeting, and your doctor didn’t have you down to come in anyway. So you have to slow down, review and reschedule. Gives you a little slower pace. Think it over. Are you being busy simply to be busy? Do you need time to review an old issue?

It is best not to begin new projects; it is a good time to finish projects or pick up loose threads. If you can refrain from making major purchases, especially communication devices. Or sign contracts. If you do so, read the fine print carefully. People from the past may re-enter your life during the retrograde, but leave as soon as mercury resumes forward motion. Hello and goodbye, old boyfriend!

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