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Astrology of July 20

Today, the real touchstone is watery Neptune. So often, a rainstorm accompanies Moon in Pisces or Moon near the planet Neptune. It is now 11:44 CST . In about 2-1/2 hours or after, we may see some rain (a Neptune thing) to bring the heat down. The key to today is going within to find compassion and idealism. Who are we? This is a year dedicated to self-definition, for how can we be in relationship if we don't first know who we are? A nonjudgmental stance serves you well. You don't want to be judged or constrained, either! Neptune can even soften the status quo, which can be judgmental, cut and dried, and hard. There is more to everyone than what appears on the surface. The drive to relate to another in a kind and caring way, in tune with our principles and our need to be free, creates really good relationships.

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