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Astrology of Wednesday, July 31

Oh, boy! The new moon is exact at 8 degrees of Leo at 8:12 p.m., ushering in a 14 day cycle of growth and exuberance in a sign of love, creativity and play! AND Mercury begins to turn its ship around and stations direct at 23 degrees Cancer. So, today, we may see the last gasps of that pesky Mercury retrograde....things are most strongly felt at the turnings - when Mercury stops, giving us time to absorb the full impact of perception and communication - before proceeding in direct motion. It's a kind of Off to the races! energy....and they are off! Tonight is the 2nd night of Democratic debates. It could be a high energy, dramatic debate with plenty of fireworks! To amp up the importance of this retrograde ending, it is near the transiting and very karmic energy of the north node. Democratic talk will be about healthcare and taking care of others. For us individually, relationships, especially of the more caring sort, are favored. Any act of self expression, especially with others, is favored. Relationships are of great importance now. For today, you may be reviewing where your relationships and speech have not had the caring quality or expressed the emotion you felt. Starting tomorrow, it is a new ball game. Make the most of it!

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