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Astrology of September 9

There is a lot of power in the air today. The power of words, the power of dreams, all fueled by what you believe to be true and being ready to walk the talk and talk the walk. There is so much power in saying something - verbally or in writing. It articulates where you are and where you stand.

Take a deep breath and get ready to say your piece. It is time for you to say who, you are and what you believe in - in other words to be who you are in your inmost heart, IN PUBLIC.

Your inner vitality wants out, too. You want to be the unique individual you are. Isn't that freeing? All that energy locked up in being the person you thought they wanted you to be.

Surprisingly, the authorities in your life step aside as though they have to accommodate to the newer, more mature person you have become. You are changing. Whatever the outcome, you will be more yourself. And that is a good thing.

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