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Astrology of Friday, September 13

Dreams become reality today. You may feel sleepy, perhaps dreamy, but your hopes and wishes are coming to fruition under the light of an almost full moon.

All may not be quite what it seems, but change is happening now. Your desire to individuate, to dream a new dream, happens today.

The Red Sea parts and the authorities in your life step aside as you implement your new vision. New limits, new paradigms are all forming now. What used to work is falling away slowly as it makes way for what will work in the future.

The future is more caring, more compassionate, more idealistic. You may have suffered from not having those qualities in abundance around you. Now, it is time for creativity and compassion to begin working for you..and you displaying those qualities, too.

There can be a tendency to be detached, too dependent on new technology, but resist that urge. The best comes when you harness innovation to work its magic practically in your life.

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