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Astrology of November 24

If you are spending time with family today, be aware of how you use your energy. It can manifest as anger or assertiveness. It is pretty easy to show respect to your elders and the image they have been projecting during your lifetime. This traditionalism, you may feel, makes it harder for you to assert your own freedom and individuality.

Love really is about letting go and letting the needs of someone you care about be free. If you are important to them or they to you, they will voluntarily return. And the relationship will be freer and more satisfying to both parties as a result. The trick to satisfaction lies in respecting the individuality of each person. Once trust is established, there is no need to fight against others.

Your communication is likely to follow your feelings, so breathe and take a moment. You can't recall what is said after it is out there. Is this the day to make your stand?

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