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Astrology of New Year's Day

Welcome to a New Year, a new decade and a transformative new world.

In this new world, we all must decide who we are going to be - what will we stand up for. Equality? Law? Environmentalism? Healthcare? Compassion? Redistribution of wealth? We must each decide. This momentous and may determine the fate of our world.

Many of the themes prominent during the American Revolution will be repeated this year - not quite the same, but similar. Like death to tyranny, a concern over taxation without representation (gerrymandering, anyone?), etc. It will be an interesting year - and the old Chinese curse is "May you live in interesting times.

New ideas and what seemed odd before, has a place in our consciousness now. We know many systems are broken. With what shall we replace the existing structure?

For those with bodily ailments, including hangover, it may be easy to be misdiagnosed or inappropriately treated. Communicate what ails you; it may be uncommonly hard for others to see.

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