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Astrology of Thursday, January 16

You might like nothing better than to snuggle up with a significant other, but it is a disquieting day. Unexpected news upsets your apple cart. Look to new technologies and alternative methods that are in line with your highest principles. News may make you abandon actions that revolve around your plans. You are not going to be the egocentric center of your universe. You are not in control. This is a day when what to do is a bit of an enigma, and if you try to act as though you know what to do, your actions are like will of the wisps....misguided and ineffective. Opportunity to usenew, unthought of methods will come to you. Wait for it. If you . receive news that takes you out of your comfort zone, it is ideal if you have a partner, an ally, who helps you process this. Don't be hard on your partners. They may be in denial.

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