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Astrology of Friday, January 17

On the eve of the Women's March, it looks like women are ready to stand up and say "We aren't going to take it, any more!". Woman rise up against systems that are broken and no longer functioning. The traditional authorities - be it government or the men in their life - have not earned the same place of authority they have always held. The will of the people has been aroused. There is a realization that people are not being treated well, either in the areas of physical health or the health of their planet. Men are resisting the lure of glamour. Women are liable to feel the need to stand up for their relationships, their allies and their partners. Reality is unsettling, but women, first and foremost, are willing to bravely look at the future. While it may seem foreign, they are willing to seek compromise between what they know and where they are going, because the old ways don't work any more.

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