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Astrology Workshops This Weekend: February 22 & 23

A Jesuit priest once told me "if there is wisdom in the stars, why not read them?" Indeed, there is a lot of information there, not only about your basic nature, but how you have grown and what is affecting you in the sky right now.

Astrology is a language, not a religion, and it has a lot of insight to offer you.

On Saturday, February 22, I'm doing a workshop on basic astrology. 1 - 4 pm at PuraVegan Cafe, to help you start speaking and understanding that language ($45). On Sunday, February 23, 12- 3 pm at Mystic Valley, we'll take it a bit further, understanding progressions (how you've grown) and Transits (what is happening now).($45)

Callme to register, 314-482-3017. Examples will be drawn from the charts of those present.

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