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Astrology of Friday, February 21

Nine/tenths of what I have written this week still applies to today. But what it boils down to, I realize, is the difficulty of changing old, established patterns, to new ones. Change doesn't come easy. Emotions are less visible, there is mourning and an emphasis on healing with new modalities. What is visible is the actions of those, often head of household, to just do it. Getting it done. Emotions are locked inside. It's so. much easier to address new responsibilities through actions, swallowing the emotions. Uranus is square Uranus by wide orb. There is a. longing for freedom from the constraints of every day reality. I get the picture of someone chafing at the bit. But Mercury is retrograde, and it isn't so much time to act as to revisit one's decisions and how the future should change. Not to plunge headlong into an emotional need. Do not discount actions that, however off the mark they may be, may be an outward sign of ho much someone cares and how much they are just trying to keep going in difficult circumstances. Ask for a hug. Nonverbal behaviors can often give so much that words are not ready to speak,

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