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Astrology of Thursday, March 5

I'm back. A short recovery time after sinus surgery due a bony growth (sinuses - Pluto and boney growth - Saturn. Pluto and Saturn have been traveling in tandem) and I am eager to talk astrology with you.

Next week will see the end of Mercury retrograde on Tuesday, March 10 - the same day as our primary in Missouri. On Tuesday, March 10, Mercury stops, then resumes direct motion. The days the motion changes are always significant. Just before that happens, Venus is entering Taurus and will conjunct unpredictable Uranus, also in Taurus. Venus has a financial, as well as an aesthetic and love face, and Taurus is a financial sign. There may be some highly unexpected financial swings that affect the March 10 primary. In any event, pay attention to what is happening Tuesday and a few days before. When Uranus is involved, astrologers always say, rather unhelpfully, "expect the unexpected". If it is financial, it affects unity and there is an element of unpredictability - you've found a trend that will be significant this year.

Although Mercury goes direct on March 10, it will not pass the point at which it went retrograde, until March 30. Some residue of the Mercury retrograde will be felt then, and we call this the Mercury Shadow.

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