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Astrology for April 4

It is a mixed bag today. Some elements of harmony and others leading to adjustment and conflict.

Today is the first of three conjunctions of Pluto, God of hell and the underworld and Jupiter, the bringer of opportunity. Pluto is not always well liked, but it is always powerful. It takes away things we might be attached to, but which no longer serves us in the way it once did. When Jupiter and Pluto come together, as they will today, July 1 and November 12, there is a breath of opportunity for new things if something old passes away. Where do you have a need for new life, but it may be letting go of the safety of what you know. Is the devil you know better than the devil you may need?

There is some tension between the old and new, but there is a lot of energy pulling toward making changes to do something new. What is changing and passing from your life as you take this leap of faith, depends on how this affects your personal planets. Which is a good reason to get a readings and a good time to know your options.

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