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Astrology of Wednesday, April 22

New Moon Day! The moon is n ew in the sign of Taurus, and we begin a. waxing cycle that will last about 14 days. Initiation, action, lights, camera! It is no secret that people are a bit ..frustrated... with isolation. The weather is beautiful, spring has sprung, and there is a great desire, despite our internal wisdom and sense of caution, to get things done. For men and women to get together. For beautification projects to get done.

There is a wild card at play here, too. The New Moon and the Sun in Taurus are close to the wild card planet, Uranus. Uranus likes a big scope of action, it gets restless, wants something bigger. Things are unpredictable. Where your Taurus falls in your chart tells us where the action of the New Moon/Sun/Uranus will emerge. You may reach out safely through the internet or start a gardening project...or something that demonstrates your aesthetic sense and is good for Planet Earth. It is Earth Day after all.

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