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Astrology of Thursday, April 23

Late last evening, we began a new moon Cycle in Taurus. Normally pretty stable and sensual, Taurus energy turned jittery and nervous as the Sun and Moon got closer to the planet of revolution, change and individuality, Uranus, also in Taurus. The moon likes the normal stability Taurus offers. An earth sign, she is grounded and practical. The moon being sensitive and emotional, those attributes are appreciated and bring out the best in the Moon - the family environment. Gives it a warm hug as it were. But this crisis we are in, with social isolation, adds a painful bit, too. So all in all, the new moon is shaken out of its habit, its comfort zone, into new territory. One in which the traditional authorities are NOT laying out a consistent roadmap for success. Each person is, in a sense, responsible for their own well being. Some are in a better position than others to do so.

What is a "cure" for this jitteriness? Ground yourself. Dig in the dirt. Take individual actions that support you. Savor your morning coffee, cook something delightful, attend to your own needs. This, too, passes in a few days. Don't let your nervousness prevent you from practical accomplishment. Taurus revels in appreciating the natural world and in getting something practical checked off their list.

"Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can." - Arthur Ashe.

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