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Astrology of Sunday, April 26

The fast moving moon, has moved into chatty, sociable and curious Gemini. Gemini rules the neighborhood, and the Moon signifies families, emotion, venus signifies relating to others. All of that is in harmonious aspect to Mars in Aquarius. Aquarius often signifies startingly new ideas about how to take action (Mars). And Gemini is curious enough, and happy to find adventure in something new, so they make a good pair. If you have Gemini or Aquarius strongly represented in your chart, be sure to do something new and a bit challenging. You can easily get bored, but a new idea or a new source of entertainment which you can share with family or friends is good for today's energies.

On another note, we've seen a lot of tension between the old (Pluto inCapricorn) and the new (Uranus in Taurus). Pluto has gone retrograde - backward from our earth based perspective, so old figures of authority are not only in conflict with the new, but the energy is more entrenched and recalcitrant to move forward. Those of a more progressive bent are thinking and re-thinking the situation. Time to review old power structures and institutions. What should they be going forward?

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