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Astrology for Wednesday, April 29

Don't expect everyone to like everything you say today. Tensions are running high, and your opinions are rather fluid. Just remember that it is a natural time for this communication to surface. You are frustrated that the normal institutions you have relied upon are not effective. You are really better off when you are alone, but this tension needs to surface. You and those around you may be surprised at what is coming up, but it is bound to surface now.

You may roll your eyes and say I can't believe you think that way..and others may say the same about you. We live in times of change, and it isn't surprising if we flounder a bit finding a new way of responding to unforseen circumstances.

May is not far off. May will see a number of planets going retrograde, covering old ground, so we may see an echo of recent circumstances. Will this mean a resurgence in COVID-19 cases? We will see. May will also see a change that happens every 18 years, the movement of the moon's nodes into a new sign - Gemini north node; Sagittarius south node. We've been ensconced in tribalism and old ways of authority while the nodes were in Cancer/Capricorn. Now we have a thirst for facts and philosophies that must be updated if they are to be viable. More on that later.

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