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Astrological Weather Report for May, 2020

As the saying goes "may you live in interesting times" is a curse, let me say 2020 is an interesting year. And May has definitely piqued my interest because so many planets are going retrograde - over old ground, as it were.

Four of ten planets will be in retrograde action this month. From earth's perspective, they will be going over what they have done before. And this year, the "before" has not been very pretty - big companies absconding with bailouts meant for small business while people at the bottom of the pecking order suffer. They often need equipment to keep them safe, or tests, and can't get either. So does the retrograde actions of these planets mean we are going to see a rebound or a reopening that leaves to a rebound crisis?

Retrograde Pluto: If you have personal planets at 21 degrees Capricorn Libra, Aries or Cancer, there will be a personal effect.

Already retrograde as of April 26, Pluto in Capricorn continues to ruthlessly peel away that which no longer serves us in terms of institutions of power. Negatively, people may feel, "I have to take care of #1" mentality that has manifested in large companies taking small business relief packages, Senators using insider trading information, even hoarding(even toilet paper!). What has been exposed is that institutions designed to safeguard us are not doing so. This crisis is laying bare the shadow side of this country - racism, wealth inequality, lack of health care, etc. That which no longer serves us has to go. Change is hard for people, so there is pain.

These institutions of power need to break down before we can break through to another reality. Another positive manifestation: those who have transcended their own fears and fight for us every day, selflessly putting their needs in their hip pocket, like first responders and health care workers. The fact that Pluto is retreading ground it has previously been over makes me think that those who put the economy ahead of safety will re-open prematurely and cause a second wave of infection. Pluto will be traveling retrograde throughout the summer, finally going direct in its motion on October 5.

Retrograde Saturn: If you have planets in early degrees of Leo, Taurus, Aquarius or Scorpio, OR very late degrees of Capricorn, Aries, Cancer or Libra, this will have a personal effect

Saturn is the ruler of time and the definer of reality. It has to do with our limitations and what defines us. It is now in Aquarius, an innovative sign, and as it defines the underpinning of new technology, vaccines and treatments could emerge. But we are having just a quick peak at Saturn in Aquarius, because it will go retrograde on May 11 and stay there until December 17, 2020. I believe we will see significant technological process after December, 2020, although I'd be happy if I'm wrong and it is sooner. In Capricorn, a sign it rules, it is like Saturn on steroids....the arch conservative, the bastion of tradition an, with Pluto, an arbiter of power.

Saturn is definitely a big part of the powers the no longer serve us.

Venus Retrograde: If you have planets in the last ten degrees of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces, you will have a personal effect

On May 13, Venus will begin its retrograde motion at 21 degrees Gemini, and stay retrograde until going direct on June 15 at 5 degrees Gemini. Venus wears two faces - one is beauty; the other is financial - having enough things to spell security! Venus is a social sign, and Gemini is very chatty, so there could be a tension between the need to isolate and the desire for contact. During the isolation, so many people have reached out to zoom to connect. They also reached out to take classes, to learn new things (Gemini is quick and ever curious!), and have you seen the Getty Art Project where people imitate their favorite painting? Very Venusy. The financial impact of isolation will be a big source of tension for this Venus retrograde. Gemini is very curious - but don't forget that Curiosity killed the cat!

Jupiter Retrograde: If you have planets in late degrees of Capricorn, Aries, Cancer OR Libra or very early degrees of Aquarius, Taurus, Leo and Scorpio, you will have a personal effect

On May 15, Jupiter goes retrograde at 26 degrees Capricorn, moving back to Pluto's position, then moving direct on September 13, and quitting Capricorn fo good on December 20 for its year long stay in Aquarius (another good sign for significant technological progress next year) in 2021. Jupiter magnifies things, so when there is a breakdown in the power structure, it is really hard to is a BIG failing. And the implications of this virus for the world is is big, don't you think? But Jupiter also makes things slightly picking a four leafed clover. It isn't a winning lottery ticket, but it is still lucky, right? So if we don't descend into total chaos over this summer, Jupiter may be a reason. But Jupiter, like all planets, has a negative side, too, and that is like people who get caught up in their own particular brand of truth and want to put other people down who aren't in their club. I think. of the religious right when I say that, when they give the moral edge to members of the oligarchy and feel righteous about putting the rest of the world down. Jupiter can bring hope and good fortune, provided it doesn't get pompous and stop growing.

Neptune will also go retrograde, but not until June 23, at 20 degrees Pisces. And Uranus will also go retrograde this summer, but not until August 16 at 10 degrees Taurus. This will be a busy, often chaotic and upsetting summer. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, and realize your soul chose to be here at this time. What can you do positively on an individual level? Your consciousness is like a drop of water in a lake or ocean. Do what you can, even if it is simply responding as your very best. It matters. Astrologers often say As above, so below, but it works the other way, too. As Below, so Above!

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