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Astrology for Thursday, May 7

Happy Full Moon! The Moon will be full at 5:45 pm, CDT, at 17 degrees Scorpio. The sun is at17 degrees Taurus at that time, so they form a polarity, ushering in a 14 day period of reviewing and rethinking.

The full moon and the period of review uncannily echoes the retrograde energies this month when Pluto (already retrograde), Venus in Gemini, Saturn in Aquarius and Jupiter in Capricorn are all going retrograde - from earth's perspective, going over ground previously traveled before.

What does that mean? A whole lot of reconsidering actions. The Moon in Scorpio, and Pluto, are asking us what is really of value to us? What is essential. Taurus loves sensual pleasures of the flesh and it is so firmly stable, it seems hard to move Taurus out of whatever rut it has chosen to occupy. Taurus is fixed, grounded, practical, nature loving and stubborn. Scorpio, the sign of the full moon is stubborn, too, and ruthlessly weeds out what is habit vs. what really serves us. Under the light of the full moon, Taurus clearly sees that there need to be changes, and Scorpio dramatically and intensely sets about those changes.

The question is always, what no longer serves us? Do we need the creature comforts like certain foods, a soft bed, a spring flower? Do we need to go to a bar and laugh with friends? Or are the essential people ones with whom we share a deep bond? Those priorities will be reviewed. As we are forced into solitude and thinking, we may get down to basics and discover what we really need and want, essentially. What are our values. With Venus' retrograde and Jupiter, too, our considerations will turn to relationships, ethics and values.

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