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Astrology of Saturday,May 9

The Moon in Sagittarius and Venus in Gemini and both square Neptune can lead to a day when some contact with a loved one - smooth or rough is better than none at all. It can also awake subconscious habits and emotions which you are all too happy to leave to the realm of reality and daydream or sleep instead. Since there is a desire to leave reality behind, a tendency to drink or do drugs, if you are already prone to that sort of thing, can be a route to escapism of harsher realities.

At the very least, you may want to indulge in rich, comforting foods. Chocolate chip cookies? Check. Mashed potatoes, check, etc. You can indulge a desire for beauty by looking at the beauty of the natural world, the flowers that are beginning to emerge.

The old theme of new, sometimes upsetting realities, clashing with the old power structure, is an ongoing pressure (Saturn in Aquarius vs Uranus in Taurus)>. No wonder we cling to the known and comfortable as we begin this adventure of structuring a new reality.

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