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Astrology of Sunday, May 17

With the nodes of the Moon, symbolic of our spiritual lesson fpr the next 18.5 years, having shifted in Gemini North Node/Sagittarius South Node, it appears that the facts will shift philosophy - if we haven't gotten wedded to our version of truth (that is called "pompous"). And since Gemini's archetype is the Journalist and the Witness, it doesn't take much imagination to assume the media will play a key role in disseminating facts, leading to a shift in truth.

But all is not healthy in media-world. Concerned over profits, so that money and ratings are a big factor in what gets covered, we are not getting an unbiased view of the world. Rupert Murdoch's media controls 70% of media-related revenue in Australia. I assume it is a whopping percentage where the far right view is promoted - the US, UK and Australia, at least. On the liberal side, there are claims that CNN and MSNBC locked Senator Sanders out of the running in 2016 and 2020, according to VICE news.

Before the public can trust the media, we will see the shadow side of media exposed, too. Once a more independent watchdog, the media is now owned by corporate behemoths, far right and far left. Exposing the shadow side of something - as is happening right now with the norms of institutional power, leads to a lot of creativity and vitality. But enduring the breakdown process before we get to a breakthrough is painful in human terms.

There is a lot of desire to "get on with it" in this pandemic and return to "normal", but normal has shifted. and there are big economic prices to come this summer.

My view is not gloom and doom. There is always hope. And there are always choices to play to the high or low side of any planetary configuration. So some will take the high road and others will not - we will see both. But which will prevail? All I can say is the US Sibley chart seems to be moving over time into a more Aquarian age - revolutionary, technologically advanced. There is good and bad there, too. New technology can be invasive and reminiscent or Big Brother. It can also bring new answers to problems.

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