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Astrology of Tuesday, May 19

Emotions (Moon in Aries) and logic (sun in Taurus) are out of sync today. Restlessness continues, a counterforce to the isolation we've all recently undergone. So the sun, our center of identity in our outgoing culture, attempts to do what is practical and, they think, expected of them by those in power. But emotionally, there is a feeling of discontent with conforming, literally, to the party line, and a concern that there is a possibility of being wounded in the process. On the other hand, there is economic concern if a person doesn't get out and about and take a risk to do so.

A lot of big planets are retrograde now, indicating that one should initiate any change with caution, and to pay attention to the feelings within. If you are feeling resistant to a certain course of action, pay attention. Wisdom lies within. Listen to your inner voice and be true to it.

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