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Astrological "Weather Report"

A lot is happening in the realm of the stars, and a lot, of course, is happening here on earth. As above, so below.

One of the things coming up is that Mercury went retrograde on Wednesday, June 17 and won't go direct until July 12. But hold on, a residue of Mercury retrograde will remain in place, until Mercury is out of its "shadow" - the point at which it went retrograde in the first place. So toward the end of July, we can sound the "all clear".

What is very amusing to me is that Mercury retrograde rules missed communication - and I totally missed that Mercury went retrograde yesterday. I was determined it happened Friday! Hahaha, my bad.

Mercury retrograde is not happening in isolation. Other things are happening, too, to-wit:

Mercury Retrograde, 6/17 - 7/12

Venus goes direct - 6/25, but remains in her shadow until 7/29

(yes, Mercury and Venus will BOTH be retrograde from 6/17 - 6/24 - do NOT get a haircut or purchase a new computer that week, please!)

Eclipse season was kicked off by a lunar eclipse at 15 degrees Sagittarius on June 5

Solar Eclipse and Summer Solstice - 6/21 at 0 degrees Cancer

Lunar Eclipse - July 5 at 13 degrees Capricorn*

*eclipses stay in force until the next eclipse season in November/December, 2020.

And don't forget that Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto are already retrograde.

All of this favors review, editing previous thoughts or actions - not initiating things - contracts, big purchases, etc. If you are having difficulty, particularly with communication devices, slow down. The Universe is asking you politely to do so. If you insist on full steam ahead, expect more disruption.

On a practical level, many of us are longing for a hair cut. I'd wait. You might not like the results by the time Mercury goes direct. This is especially true during the time that Venus and Mercury are retrograde together.

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