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Astrology of Wednesday, June 24

Today, sobriety and stability is valued (Venus in Gemini trine Saturn) as emotions are heightened (Moon in Leo) as events take place beyond one's personal control (Moon in Leo). It is disturbing to think that however prudently you steer your ship, against the bigger backdrop of the world, your caution means nothing. Change is coming (Uranus in Taurus, square Moon in Leo). You may have a hair-trigger temper when people challenge you (Sun in Cancer square Mars in Pisces) or you may challenge others impetuously.

It could be that the retrograde Mercury is fuzzing up your communication - it may be a miscommunication. But the culprit is a desire to play, to be in charge, when you are really not. And Venus retrograde - which turns to re-evaluate the past - goes direct tomorrow. Your anger, or the anger of someone you meet, may be a reluctance to let go of the past.

In any event, the Moon craves comfort and the changing circumstances on earth - Uranus in Taurus - makes it impossible to stay in a known comfort zone. Embracing change is the only path to security.

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