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Astrology of Thursday, July 2

This is a powerful and interesting day. While we may or may not see literal fireworks on the Fourth of July this year, we may have figurative fireworks.

There is a big rectangle going on today, meaning Venus in Gemini is opposite the Moon in Sagittarius and the asteroid of hearth and home, Juno in Libra, is opposite Chiron in Aries. At the same time, Chiron in Aries can focus on healing that Venus in Gemini, a position of curiosity about what relationships are to be. Juno and the Moon reprise this opportunity as air and fire signs again combine. This paves the way for healing in relationships and the hope of finding comfort and security in committed relationships. And at bottom-line, it implies that new ideas foster new action.

A lot is going on this year, with personal and public implications, but it comes down to this: each person must choose who they are and how they will act out a relationship. Individual spiritual actions can move mountains when enough of them converge on a similar philosophy.

As backdrop: the situation is further complicated for US citizens in that a lunar eclipse at 13 degrees Capricorn will occur directly opposite the United States' Sibley chart 13 degree Cancer Sun. And the Venus in Gemini that is part of this equation above is joining the revolutionary Uranus in Gemini in the United States Sibley Chart. Individual decisions about national identity and values affect the whole. This gives rise to the passionate feelings on the left and right, and causes detachment from compromising with one another.

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