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Astrology of Monday, July 13

Today is a day to speak your truth. You may say out loud what you previously would have kept hidden; you may be introduced to new thoughts. The moon, going through all signs of the zodiac during a month, is the timer of our moods. Right now, the Moon is about to leave Aries territory for the security of the sign Taurus. The Moon likes the security of Taurus - but (and this is a big but) - Uranus, the destabilizing wildcard of the zodiac, lies squarely in the moon's path. (Astrologers, not very helpfully, say Uranus means expect the unexpected - how do you anticipate that?). Suddenly, Taurus isn't so secure anymore. New thoughts, new ideas are about to take form. Taurus being an earthy sign, such ideas are likely to have a practical, structural dimension. The moon will like that.

So you may feel a little insecure, but look past your sense of comfort - are these new thoughts and ideas ones that could benefit you? The old ideas of right and wrong may be in flux; you are challenged to find new ones (Sun in Cancer opposite Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn). You cannot depend on the authorities to tell you what to do; you must find answers unique to you, and in the process still that voice of insecurity and concern.

An increasing number will be self isolating (Sun in Cancer trineNeptune in Pisces) and will be challenged to make your words heard (Mercury direct in Cancer blocked by Mars in Aries) when action is not readily seen.

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