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Astrology of Saturday, July 25

Has there been a day in 2020 that has NOT been action packed with more astrology than one blogger can address? No! Well, today is no exception.

The opposition between Sun In Leo and the trifecta of Pluto/Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn is still in play. It is still an issue of finding the balance between individual rights and the institutions of power in our life. However difficult it is to face changing and unpredictable circumstances (Sun in Leo challenged by Uranus in Taurus), most people feel it is a duty they must undertake.

Mercury in Cancer is also opposing that block of planets in Capricorn, while squaring the Moon/Juno in Libra, which in turn is opposing Mars in Aries. So we have powerful institutions (Capricorn) squaring social justice, emotions, the family; opposing Mercury in Cancer (journalists of the "Motherland") and squaring Mars in Aries (violence). It is a volatile combination. I think we may see journalists and the will of people opposed to the use of power and finding institutions of authority failing them. An those who feel they have been. failed or targeted unjustly will not be quiet about that abuse of power.

The "mother" theme refers not only broadly to people of the US, but is well manifested by the "mom" brigade that surrounded protestors in Portland and were tear gassed yesterday.

As always, we all exist under one sky. As above, so below. This works out on a personal level, too. What are the former authorities in your life that no longer furnish guidance and safety? Where must you speak out or take in new facts without judging them first? What type of resistance will you face for seeking fairness for yourself? Where are you emotionally at risk, but speak out anyway because you cannot tolerate injustice?

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