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Astrology of Sunday, July 26

How do you speak truth to those in power? That isn't easy to do, and it often is poorly received. Mercury in Cancer, the planet of speaking and listening, and Vesta in Cancer (being true to our emotions and compassion) are opposite Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn (traditional power and authority).

The opposition between Mercury/Vesta in Capricorn and Saturn/Pluto is being blocked by some important forces that demand a reckoning - now, if not yesterday. In fact, the grudge against those two may have reached a boiling point and must be expressed.

The Moon is in Libra. It demands fairness and social justice for ills that have gone too long in not being addressed. The Moon is opposite the bitter energy of Eris in Aries. Eris is about the "voiceless" who have been disregarded by those in power.

You may, on a personal level demand that wrongs be righted by those in power. You may feel that these problems are longstanding. You may be working toward transformation of the authorities in your life, but they may not transform so easily...they have been entrenched in their position and point of view for some time. But it is a start.

Worldwide, there is an obvious applicablity to the long history of racism built into the structure of our country, and the voiceless have been without power too long.

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