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Astrology of Sunday, August 9

There is a rather rare aspect today...the sun sits at the apex of a yod, Individual needs (Sun in Leo) are at odds with big government and this leads to a crisis of faith...fear of an impending loss (Neptune in Pisces). The point of compromise lies in humanitarian, revolutionary Aquarius. I believe this has a lot to do with the President's Executive Order getting rid of social security - I don't think he can, but it will sure make people feel angry about a loss. If it is a move designed to appeal to his base, it will make many people fearful.

This is a steel fist in a velvet glove; instead of putting pressure on McConnell to vote on the stalled Heroes Act, he proposes a reduced unemployment benefit and wants to axe social security. Many, including Elizabeth Warren, don't feel this measure will not protect renters from eviction. And it sure throws many dependent on social security or social security disability into ear.

Before I had heard about the Executive Order, I had written this:

You might feel out of your comfort zone today. New and unexpected developments may get in the way of your ability to sustain your life financially (Sun in Leo square Uranus inTaurus). Where have you felt powerless or unheard? You may be quick to feel there is a connection between unexpected developments and how you have been overlooked in the past (Sun in Leo trine Eris in Aries). This can lead to a quick slide into anger or assertion - your choice.

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