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Astrology of Tuesday, August 11

The Moon is in Taurus today, offering stability and peace for our feelings. That is helpful as the Sun is in Leo, square the Moon, and it is powerful in Leo. There may be creative differences between the two: Leo iscreative, but expressing creativity may feel like a creative risk to the Moon. A balance must be struck with an eye to risk/reward. If the benefit is great, it may be a worthy trade off.

Whave seen some pretty dramatic explosions and heat related events. the Beirut explosion and the natural gas explosion in Baltimore. These are related toSun in Leo trine Mars/Eris I. Aries square the triple conjunction of Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn in Capricorn. The first two sets of planets are in fire element. These explosive events have caused the pclight of disadvantaged populations to be worse, and their voices louder. In other heat events, it may affect the probability of wildfires and hurricanes as the oceans warm.

in your personal birth chart,if you are grinding your teeth with frustration, take care your feelings don’t synchronistically. Coincide with hot, impetuous accidents, like a fire or cutting yourself or an accident.

slow down, realize this too will pass and be careful!

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