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Astrology of Thursday, August 13

Speaking truth to power, and acting in a way to block power moves by the establishment are again on the agenda, as they have been all week(Sun/Mercury in Leo trineMars/Eris in Aries and opposing Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn in Capricorn).

Both the authorities and individuals feel an adjustment is in order, but of the two, individuals have the edge. There is a nice trine from the Sun/Mercury in Leo to Mars/Eris in Aries that gives people some power against authorities. There is anger and discord against the authorities. An adjustment to the losses due to coronavirus is calling for an adjustment. (Sun/Mercury in Leo inconjunct Neptune in Pisces)

As it was yesterday, the way out is to recognize that everyone is of value, and their dignity to be respected. The solution to all that troubles us the equality of all men and their right to representations government, both by having the vote and having institutions that serve their interest. (yod midpoint at 21 Aquarius)

These issues won’t reach resolution today, but they will probably last until Mars goes retrograde and will be revisited during the Mars retrograde. Uranus has begun its retrograde journey and will not be direct again til January, 2021.

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