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Astrology of Friday, August 14

The week ends with am emphasis on needed adjustments.. Yods are the astrological signature of adjustment, and we have not one, but two, overhead today.

A yod happens when a planet makes two inconjunct aspects to two other planetary configurations, and those planetary configurations are separated by a sextile. If your software connects planets by lines, an isosceles triangle will form. The inconjunct planets are of elements that have a hard time working together. The softer sextile aspect helps them work together more successfully. The whole yod should be no further than three degrees apart.

Let's break these yods down:

Yod 1: Sun/Mercury in Leo, Fire Element; inconjunct Jupiter/Pluto in Capricorn, Earth Element; sextile Neptune in Pisces, Water Element, inconjunct Sun/Mercury in Leo

The Sun/Mercury in Leo, fire, form an inconjunct aspect to Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn in Capricorn, earth element. In the physical world, earth can put fire out. The other leg forms an inconjunct between Sun/Mercury in Leo and Neptune in Pisces. In this case, the Sun/Mercury in a fire sign are attempting to integrate the energy of a water sign. Water and fire can also put fire out. The range of possibilities are that individual needs (Leo) are being addressed unsatisfactorily by those in powerful institutions - those in power are saying "cool down, slow down." Another possibility is that compassion and faith are compromised for the sake of individual freedom. In both scenarios, these energies must be balanced and meet in the middle to be effective. The sextile between Neptune and Jupiter/Pluto can imply dealing with powerful people passive aggressively, deception on the part of those in power or bring in the inspirational side of Neptune. In this chart, we have the ability to make needed adjustments to institutions and people in power by making an individual commitment to principles we believe in strongly. The missing element is air which can bring thinking, objectivity, ideas to bear in making these elements work.

Yod 2. Pluto/Saturn in Capricorn, Earth Element, are inconjunct Moon/North Node in Gemini, Air element, sextile Sun/Mercury in Leo, Fire Element, and Sun/Mercury in Leo inconjunct Pluto/Saturn in Capricorn, Earth Element.

Cool, cool conservatives are called to adjust their game. Karma has arrived (North Node), saying look at the shadow of the will you adjust to better serve the will of the people? There is a fatedness about this action. Again, an adjustment is called for between individuals and large companies, large government, the fascist power of the state. Destiny, the will of the people, and the personal will, weigh in to make this happen. Another meaning of the inconjunct between Capricorn and Leo is that a personally individual style of leadership is reaching a point where it threatens to "put out" conservative institutions, and the Conservatives themselves may say that things have gone too far,and that it threatens them. The missing element in this yod is water - feelings, compassion, sensitivity. These water elements should be factored in to find a satisfactory resolution.

Tomorrow, the planet Uranus will join the retrograde parade of planets! More tomorrow!

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