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Astrology of Saturday, August 15

Today is the day that Uranus joins a retrograde parade of planets that include Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron. Mars will join the party, too, next month. Retrogrades signal review, revision and editing of material and actions of the past.

Uranus heralds new, unexpected events, and it is in the sign Taurus, an earth sign, likely to do with our planet and current pandemic, which affects us globally.

The Moon is in a healing sign, Cancer. The Moon also indicates the will of the people. Individuals may see the personal consequences of earth change and want to heal the planet.

That is one manifestation. We also have the will of the people unhappy about unexpected changes - does the Postal Service actions fit that bill?

The Sun, however, is in Leo. Sun denotes leadership. It is inconjunct to Jupiter - an indication of overreach of power, and the Sun is in inconjunct or adjustment aspect with Neptune, too. Lies, distortions and a hidden (or not so hidden) agenda are Neptunian. The yod that is formed can be tempered by an Aquarian point of view. Ruled by Uranus, Aquarius recognizes the dignity and worth of each individual. Leadership will probably not do that. So anger, and possible violence is the result.

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