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Astrology of Thursday, September 3

The moon is still in dreamy and creative Pisces. Pisces can bring inspiration and creativity atypical of our normal workaday mind. The moon is moving away from Neptune and its opposition to Mercury, so there should be less confusion about what is real and what is our imagination. The Moon is not too far from Chiron in Aries, asking questions: Where have we been hurt, how do you heal, and is there an area where you are out of touch with your current reality?

The past is our history; it doesn't mean that is who we are now or even that we are seeing things as they are now. The past can skew our thinking in a way that is no longer real. Our job: to decide who we are. What do we stand for? Individually, and as a nation, who shall we be? A look at our own shadow - a lot of creativity and richness lies there once we stop using our energy to repress the past and begin move forward.

Along with the Mystic Rectangle still appearing in the sky, we have quite a few aspects. One of them is a grand trine - an easy flowing, harmonious energy pattern between Sun in Virgo (humbly acquiring the skill set of expressing our inner essence) trine Uranus in Taurus (earth changes, new conditions, that shake our previously stable values) and Jupiter in Capricorn (opportunities to seize power).

This being the world, and our being concerned with the human world, and every human having free will, we will see many expressions of this energy. From a shooter (narcissistic Sun) suddenly (Uranus in Taurus) acting on the King's orders (Jupiter in Capricorn) to a much healthier expression. Planetary configurations are pure energy; how we use them is up to us.

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