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Astrology of Sunday, September 6

One thing about it: regardless of us humans, the Moon keeps rolling her way across the heavens. Today, the Moon in Taurus will come under the sway of the wild card planet, Uranus, currently found in the usually stable and sensual sign of Taurus.

When Uranus is near, astrologers look wise and say "Expect the Unexpected". While that isn't terribly helpful in terms of planning, it is also rather true. Something needs shaking up today, even though change is rather upsetting to our (Moon) feelings. Just because we may have feelings, doesn't mean we aren't ready for an event to happen or that we don't need some shaking up.

As soon as the Moon gets close to Uranus in Taurus, it becomes part of the Grand Trine. New circumstances that arrive suddenly and "out of the blue" become the gateway to achieving our own personal needs (Sun in Virgo) and opportunities arise to make new decisions (Jupiter in Capricorn).

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