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Astrology for Friday, September 11

A shout out to all those who responded to help those caught in the twin tower disaster on 9/11 at the beginning of this century, and great sorrow for the horrific, and often inappropriate acts that ensued. So many have suffered.

Certainly, in 2020, we have plenty to worry about in this year alone. In mundane astrology, the Sun is the leader of government. In today's sky, the Sun in Virgo is opposite Neptune in Pisces, which mean confusion and manipulation. This aspect coincides with Bob Woodward's book, Rage, which has the President on tape saying he knew how serious Coronavirus (Neptune) was, even as he disparaged people who took measures like distancing (Neptune) and masks (Neptune). Had those measures been instituted or discussed earlier, lives that were lost could have been saved (Pluto/Saturn in Capricorn).

The President also admits on tape that a powerful nuclear weapons system had been built (Pluto/Saturn in Capricorn). He alleges Russia's Putin and China's Xi did not know about those systems, although he spoke on the record to an American journalist. Did he say anything about the system in private meetings that were untaped and unobserved (Neptune)? I can't help put wonder, because this revelation comes as the Moon is smack dab on top of Venus in Cancer in the 7th house in the United States Sibley Chart.

Mercury is in Libra, the United States Venus is stimulated (Venus rules Libra) and China is a Libran country. Maybe I'm stretching here, but is a theme emerging?

The Moon (currently in Cancer) in a mundane chart is the will of the people and Mercury (currently in Libra) is indicative of journalists. Journalists are all over this story. And the will of many people is outrage. In fact, the book, Rage is written by a noted journalist, Bob Woodward.

People are angry - particularly women - and want to see a shift in power. Juno opposite Mars, Eris, and Lilith in Aries and both in friction with the power trifecta, Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn in Capricorn.

There is, obviously, a contingent that will take the Sun, the Leader, at face value and fall into the path of an easy trine between Sun in Virgo, Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn in Capricorn and Uranus, Mars and Eris in Taurus and Aries, respectively.

Meanwhile our country's sky is yellow with smoke in California and Oregon

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