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Astrology for Monday, September 14

There is a great opportunity to use the positive side of Sun in Virgo opposing Neptune in Pisces, today. A depth of sensitivity and spiritual awareness is available to you, allowing you a soul union of the highest order. But wait before you declare this to be the way of the future. Once this aspect is past, you'll have a better perspective to see the relationship, flaws and all, and decide if your judgment was on target or if your object of devotion is less than your soulmate.

This idea is reinforced by Moon, Vesta and Venus in Leo squaring Uranus in Taurus. You are sensitive and loving love, but also can make hastier than usual decisions that may not stand the test of time. If someone tells you to do x, you are likely to do y if for no other reason, than your rebellious and impetuous nature has been stirred up. This could play out through synchronicity - having another person or event arrive which unexpectedly upsets you.

Ideas and words may be upsetting to the currently powerful people. Mercury in Libra square Jupiter/Pluto and Saturn - those tell all books about the Presidency have unleashed a torrent of questions. Meanwhile, those previously voiceless people of color continue to challenge old systems of power (Mars/Eris/Lilith in Aries square Jupiter/Pluto and Saturn. in Capricorn). Juno in Libra is also opposite the Mars/Eris/Lilith in Aries, challenging the traditional roles of women in the power structure.

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