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Astrology of Thursday, September 17

Happy Full Moon in Virgo! And Happy Rosh Hashana! We are still in a moon wobble period. And the Fall Equinox happens next Tuesday, September 22.

The Virgo New Moon is happening directly opposite the planet Neptune. So watch out! All that glitters will not be gold. Spin and propaganda and outlandish conspiracy theories are going to grow for the next 14 days. But planets are going direct. Being dragged back into past solutions for present day problems will not be so attractive. Putting it all together, there is a karmic tone to the day. We are at a harvest moment. What we have sown, we shall reap - in harvest and in our actions. We are still in a moon wobble period, which has a karmic tone, too. Things are unstable during a wobble. Jupiter has gone direct, allowing more forward, external action instead of the introspection of this summer. To reinforce that karmic tone, Saturn will go direct on September 29. With Saturn you always receive the benefits - or lack thereof - of what has been seeded. Look back over the summer. What have you planted? We will begin to see the effects later this month, but we still have Mars, Uranus,Neptune and Pluto retrograde, so we will only see a beginning of reaping our karmic legacy.

Nevertheless, change is possible, born of the reflection and introspection of all the retrograde planets this summer.

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