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Astrology of Friday, September 25

Leadership is making secretive moves to gain power (Sun in Libra trine Jupiter/Moon//Pluto/Saturn in Capricorn) to take advantage of unexpected circumstances (Jupiter in Capricorn trine Uranus in Taurus). In his book Planets in Transit, Rob Hand describes it this way: "You will be concerned with...matters of 'ultimate concern'".

Hasn't Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death provided an opening for a power grab by the administration? Perhaps an end to democratic elections as we have know them? Isn't that an ultimate concern?

Leadership may be happy, but there is anger from journalists and fact finders, inflaming the will of the people to find change, to take action (Mercury in Libra in conflict with Moon/Pluto/Saturn i Capricorn which is in turn in conflict with Mars/Lilith/Eris in Aries. This last group of planets is in opposition to Mercury)

As we saw last night when protests erupted over the Breanna Taylor ruling, people are angry! Angry that their desire for change has not resulted in anything but a very predictable response that is inadequate.

Karma is afoot in the form of a fateful yod formation, hinging on a woman (Venus) and causing adjustments both in the "spin" leadership puts on events and a secretive power grab by those in leadership (Venus in Leo inconjunct the planets in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces. The trigger of the yod will be found at 21 degrees Aquarius - a sign of respect for the individual, genius and the rebel.). Many people fear a revolutionary change in our form of government; however, a revolution against those in power is possible, too. What has been sown will be reaped in a karmic time. Will dirty deeds earn a just reward? We have a front row seat. Unexpected factors may arise during October.

A nice Venus in Leo trine Mars in Aries throws a veil of diplomacy over most moves. If however, actions are too forceful, there will be consequences. This trine, on a personal level, as well as Sun and Moon in earth signs, make relationships between the sexes more diplomatic, even sexual.

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