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Astrology for Tuesday, October 6

I've changed my photo to a phoenix arriving from the ashes, because a symbol of transformation seems appropriate for 2020. Especially when Pluto has gone direct yesterday.

As human beings, we evolve or devolve constantly. Our politics are as divisive as they were before the Civil War. Our planet is burning in many places, ice caps are melting, hurricanes forming in warm and polluted seas. If we ever needed a moment to rise from the ashes, this would be a good time.

Since Pluto went direct yesterday, its transformative action, the issues of when power is used appropriately or simply Machiavellianly (the end justifies the means,) will be more obvious. Transformations and naked power grabs will become seen.

The moon has moved into logical and curious Gemini territory where new facts fascinate and are collected like rare jewels. Emotions and logic are in sync. Although new circumstances, Moon in Gemini, are not accepted easily by Venus in Virgo, there is a feeling that new rules and new realities must be formed. We are going to enter into very karmic territory in the next day and a half. Karma is just the reaping of what has been sown. So, looking at past actions (Mars in Aries, fused with Eris in Aries), you can expect the next couple of days to be an extension of those actions. What do you feel you have done well, and how would you change course for your future welfare?

Journalists and observers continue a sense of outrage over the new conditions they find themselves in. We all should witness and observe without judgment so we can see clearly where we need to go.

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