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Astrology for Friday, October 9

Today is a day when there is a lot of energy, much flowing very easily and some not so easily.

Easily combined energies involve three planets in water signs: These can react in a very positive way. But every front has a back, and there is a potentially dark side of their union.

Logic and emotions are confused as to which is which (Moon in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces), while Neptune in Pisces adds a touch of delusion. Conspiracy theories, however unlikely, are everywhere. We are not told the truth, so we are at the mercy of our intuition or feelings. We can be lead astray.

There is a karmic note to these planets as the Nodes are squared by Neptune in Pisces. We will see some very surprising developments in October. An example is that the Trumps tested positive for COVID-19. Unexpected wild cards will happen this month. Confusion is probably a keynote of the month.

Energy does not flow easily to the planets Mercury in Libra square Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn square Mars/Eris in Aries square Moon in Cancer!

Stay conscious and aware. The planets in the water signs can be intuitive and compassionate, too - just be sure that you pay attention to all the signals around you. And fact check, And don't subscribe to any occult conspiracy!

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