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Astrology for Friday, October 23

I am sitting down to write this before the Presidential debates on Thursday night. I posted a picture of the bull because Uranus is in Taurus, the sign of the bull. Taurus likes financial security; Uranus will revolt for the sake of a new idea.. These two are odd bedfellows. Uranus in Taurus is at the heart of one of the aspects dominating today's sky.

In a mundane chart, the Sun and the planet Jupiter are symbols used to describe the leader, the "king." The Sun has entered Scorpio, a sign of intensity and sometimes vengefulness (As a Scorpio I can say that). The Sun in Scorpio and Mercury in Scorpio (communication - a Gemini leader who tweets) are both opposed to revolutionary Uranus in Taurus. The new conditions we are in - a pandemic, a financial freefall, the schism between Wall Street and Main Street - are standing in opposition to the leader.

There is more. Sun/Mercury/Juno are square the Moon in Aquarius which in turn squares Eris/Lilith and Uranus in Taurus. In a mundane (world) chart, the Moon symbolizes the people. The people are in conflict with the leader, while also finding their current circumstances hard to bear, financially and personally. It is worth noting that the Moon is in the sign Aquarius. Aquarian ideals - that every man had a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness - were an American ideal. The sign Aquarius celebrates individuality, and it is associated with the Democratic party.

There is a longstanding square between the conservative power planets, Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn in Capricorn and Mars in Aries. Large early turnouts for voting follow the Mars pattern of action. In this case, it is actions designed to clean up the institutions and leadership in power.

There will have been a lot of spin going on during the debate - Venus in Virgo is opposite illusory Neptune in Scorpio. The outcome may be unclear or denied by some.

Again, I'm writing this before the debate, but I'm backing Biden as a winner.

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