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Astrology for Saturday, November 7

What you'd like to attract (Venus in Libra) seems to be eluding you faster than you can chase it (Mars in Aries). In fact, your actions seem to frustrate your ego more than satisfy it (Sun in Scorpio inconjunct Mars in Aries). Mercury was retrograde just last Tuesday, Election Day, and it hasn't yet left its "shadow" - the area it traveled over before going retrograde, So things are irritatingly "retrograde" but most mountains will really turn out to be mole hills when Mercury leaves its shadow later this month.

All this is true on a personal level, but we all live under one sky, so it is descriptive of the national and local political races, too. Certainly, The President has sought to achieve his re-election. In all probability, it has eluded him. He's filed legal challenges, but is reportedly unhappy with a legal team that includes Rudy Giuliani - he wants a "killer" team. He has been talking about this for some time, so why isn't there a plan of action? Maybe it is in the same place as the healthcare plan, the infrastructure plan, etc. The democratic election process has held in the face of enormous stressors. Personally, I am proud that so many people, in the face of odds and risk of infection during a deadly epidemic, voted.

Speaking of pride, the Moon has moved into Leo. The mood of the people, for the most part, is celebratory. The Moon is in opposition to Pluto, then Saturn tomorrow. The will of the people is to route out corruption. Saturn square Mercury and later, in opposition to the moon, holds feelings to a methodical, orderly counting of the votes according to established rules.

The Moon in Leo over the weekend sets up a temporary t-square - Moon in Leo, Sun in Scorpio, Uranus in Taurus. The resolution is to detach, to utilize Aquarian attributes. Aquarius rules resolutions, so there will be talk of that. But it also rules democracy and is the sign of the United States Sibley Moon. And the ideal has been that every person in the US has inalienable rights. We may hear talk about that, too.

I think we will have really rough days for Covid cases over the next couple of days. And people are still out of work and hungry. (Sun in Scorpio oppose Uranus in Taurus).

Looks to me as though there will not be widespread violence - more sporadic, intermittent and most likely to be after November 14 after selection of electors and Mars in Aries stations, then resumes direct motion.

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