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Astrology for Sunday, November 8

As I write this on Saturday night, a winner in the Presidential race has been declared, and there is celebration in the streets. The Moon in Leo is sextile Venus and Libra and trine Mars in Aries. A new leader has been declared.

but the other side of the contest has not gone away. In fact, the Moon is involved as a corner of a Mystic Rectangle that unites Sun in Scorpio, the conservative Capricorn planets,Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn, Mars in Aries and Moon in Leo. A Mystic Rectangle depicts struggle that is based on the same planets that are part of the victory lap. It is a struggle born of what was a "win" for one side and a "lose" for the other side.

There is another aspect that affects the conservatives, and it involves isolation - the President has not been seen, and a touch of wishful thinking and possible conspiracy theories. Sun/Juno is sextile Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn in Capricorn and trines Neptune in Pisces. A false optimism, perhaps. Among some Republicans, they may feel, rightly so, that they are in a strong position congressionally without the leadership of the President.

For the next 2-1/2 months, President Trump is still the President. What will he do? Mars in Aries is retrograde right now, but will go direct as of November 14. Will there be greater freedom to act or wreak vengeance after that date? Only time will tell.

I have looked at the sky in terms of world politic during those post election period. However, if you have planets that are conjunct one of the points mentioned, you will experience a personal effect, too.

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