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Astrology for Tuesday, November 10

I'm using a transformational picture - butterflies emerging from hands in chains - because this does seem to be a transformational opportunity.

The Moon in Virgo is about health care, daily routines that serve us well, learning to do things with a bit more skill. It is an indication that people are in the mood to roll up their sleeves and do some work to serve the welfare of others. And what, specifically, needs work?

The Moon in Virgo trines Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn in Capricorn - power and achievement of the status quo. Those powers and institutions have not been working so well. Over a quarter million of us are dead in the pandemic; 10 million cases are infected with the virus. And the days are getting shorter and colder. More and more of us are going indoors, away from each other. Jupiter can bring opportunity, however, and Pluto transforms; Saturn gives structure to make it work. All these planets in Capricorn suggest a new and improved paradigm is waiting for us - if we have the will to let go of the "way it has always been." The trine indicates that doing these things can flow naturally from an awareness that change is needed.

Where in your life does your idea of power and achievement need to change and grow? What kind of work and service would make that change happen more quickly and usefully? What structure could you put in place to make sure this is a lasting and beneficial change?

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