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A New Moon and A Solar Eclipse on October 14

On Saturday, the Moon will be new in Libra, lining up with the Sun in Libra to kick off the next month of the Moon’s monthly cycle. A ring of fire eclipse will occur as the moon temporarily obscures the Sun. This will begin about 10:30 a.m. creating a “ring of fire”, as the moon isn’t quite big enough to obscure all of the Sun. The eclipse begins at 10:13 am in Oregon, and moves down through much of our Southwest to Texas, then Mexico, much of Latin America and Brazil until Sunset brings the eclipse path to the Atlantic Ocean. The eclipse will be visible in much of North America, but, obviously, the closer you are to its direct path, the more clearly it can be seen.

Astrologically, this is significant. “As above, so below” is the old hermetic law. Mercury, the Sun and Moon are very close to the transiting south node of the Moon in Libra. Those planets are in opposition to transiting Chiron, Eris and the North Node. This suggests to me a need to find new balance in relationships, both personally and globally. And balance includes the inequity between the haves and have nots. The opposition to Eris and Chiron near the North Node in the assertive and bold sign of Aries seems to say there is a fire in the belly of those who feel disempowered and unheard to speak their truth.

An inconjunct between Mercury, the planet of communication and Uranus in Taurus suggests a need for adjustment between the ideal and the real, even if it threatens the status quo.

Results from solar eclipses can take a few months to happen, but the stage is set. Where do you feel the need to speak your truth to correct an imbalance of power in a key relationship? It takes a good dose of the Aries North Node courage to confront and say what you really feel. This is a good time to get the ball rolling. Just remember to walk softly, but carry that big stick, as Teddy Roosevelt would say. You needn’t, as my mentor Steven Forrest says, set off an atomic bomb when a few sticks of dynamite would do the trick. No more force than necessary, but time for that talk.


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